Madrasah Staff

Managing Committees

The Kachan Darul Uloom Nijamia Madrasah committee plays a crucial role in the well-being and functioning of a madrasah. It acts as a governing body responsible for various aspects of the institution, ensuring its smooth operation and fulfilling its educational and religious objectives. Here's a closer look at the different facets of a madrasah committee:

Noushad Ali Sarkar


M.A in Political Science from Raiganj University

Shoukat Alam

Managing committee

M.A in Arabic from Calcutta University

Majidur Rahaman

Managing committee

Theology Honours MM(B.Ed)

Md Mastahak Ali

Managing committee

I am an ambitious workaholic, Managing committee

Certified Teachers

The teachers at Kachan Nizamia Madrasah are deeply rooted in their faith and committed to upholding the rich traditions of Islamic scholarship. They possess a profound knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, and Islamic jurisprudence, ensuring that students receive a strong foundation in their faith.

Abul Quasim Qasmi

HOD of the Madrasha

Fragat from Uttar Pradesh Jamiya Darul Uloom.

Kari Anuarul Islam

Quran Teacher

Hafeez a Quran and Kari From Madrasa Tahfijul Quran Bigore .

Abu Bakkar Siddique

Art Teacher


Rafikul Islam

Teaching staff



Arabic Teacher

Qualification:-Faragat, BA( Aliah University), B Ed

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Md Azaharulla

Founder of MDR WebS

Bsc CS -Raiganj University
MCA -Seacom Skill University
2 years Industrial Exprience

Mamun All Rasid

Founder of MDR WebS

BCA -Raiganj University
MCA -Seacom Skill University
Multiple Technologycal Tools Used